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Redact Text Using the Redact feature, you can select a block of text and replace it with a black rectangle. This option removes the text completely from the document. The visual effect is the same as if, in a hard-copy page, the redacted text is blacked out with permanent marker.

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doctor redacted “yes take (data expunged) amount. subject D-15828 F puts the diamonds in field kit* Subject D-049385 T “um there is someone down there I can hear him or um it mining. Doctor redacted “move on down the shaft” Subject D-049385 T “but doc there might be the scp down there” Doctor redacted “remember the deal we have”

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"Feeling cute, might [redacted] IDK" is a piece based on the fictional SCP foundation which is responsible for containing various paranormal anomalous entities. The Secure Contain Protect logo is featured over the top of the text in white. Perfect for gamers, SCP fans, or to wear out to a party!

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SCP-173 is a Euclid class SCP and the very first being captured by the SCP Foundation. It can move at a very high speed and can snap the neck of any life form. It is also the main antagonist of SCP - Containment Breach. 1 Biography 1.1 Origin 2 In Videogames 2.1 SCP - Containment Breach 2.2 SCP: Secret Laboratory 2.3 SCP-Containment Breach (Unity Remake) 3 In Online Series 3.1 SCP: Sedition 4 ...

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Feb 13, 2019 · This SCP Foundation wiki reading is about SCP 1960 "Neptunian Text Messages", an intelligent entity of unknown nature or origin, which manifests in the form of brief text statements, in English ...

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Continuity Nod: To SCP-1867 (though the name is redacted). It's also in the same mythos as "He-Who-Made-Dark" note presumably one of the extradimensional "gods" described in the journal . Gone Horribly Right : Sir Bandon wanted to travel outside reality and meet the gods face to face.

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scp foundation blog for scp foundation reblogging X-+ Index Archives. text_051220-1917. X-+ glassbright. made her look like her father. photo_051220-1915. X-+ ratscrap.

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May 18, 2020 · So I then [REDACTED] some text and alot of sound files so yee, prop texure are also Black and White instead of Sepia so i'll just call that an unintended feature. Add file SCP CB Sepia Mod (VERSION WITH STUPID JOKES)

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SCP-392 was discovered when [DATA REDACTED] leading to the discovery of a seemingly abandoned physics research facility. Here's the thing. It's most likely that the author (who's not a regular writer here and thus couldn't be reached for comment) has a headcanonical backstory for exactly what led from "SCP-392 was discovered when" to "the discovery of a seemingly abandoned physics research facility."

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1 v10.0.0 Scopophobia 2 24 December 2019 v9.1.3 3 21 December 2019 v9.1.0 4 4 December 2019 v9.0.3 5 30 November 2019 v9.0.2 6 30 November 2019 v9.0.1 7 29 November, 2019 v9.0.0 Megapatch Part II 8 16 December, 2018 Open Beta v8.0.0 Megapatch Part I 9 7 September, 2018 Open Beta v7.4.0 10 9 August, 2018 Open Beta v7.3.01 11 7 August, 2018 Open Beta v7.3.0 12 13 July, 2018 Open Beta v7.2.0 13 5 ...

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Jun 26, 2016 · As stated in the title, I cannot get any Outlook client to configure either through autodiscover or manually. When configuring on Outlook 2016, it continuously prompts for password despite using the correct one and when configuring on Outlook 2010 it'll tell me the action cannot be completed and bring up the dialog showing the server and mailbox which shows "=SMTP:[email protected]"

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SCP - Containment Breach라는 게임을 기반으로 만들어진 멀티플레이 공포 게임이다. gerrit ls-user-refs. Edit the label text in each row. Source automatically loads plugins defined in files matching /addons/*. Evan moved Store player remaining JailTime & JailTimeServed from In Progress to Planned Features. SCP: Secret ...

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Description: SCP-XXXX is the phrase, "Do exalt me, and give me riches; or you will die in seven days, [DATA REDACTED]". When uttered, the speaker (designated SCP-XXXX-1) begins to emit a gray glow, and any humans within hearing distance (designated SCP-XXXX-2) will become aggressive and attempt to assault SCP-XXXX-1 for five minutes.

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This follow the lore of SCP -173 quite well. Creativity: 20/20 Needless to say, I dont think I've seen a SCP- 173 test quite like this one before. Very nice! Presentation: 15/20 I liked the Audio Log bit, the only reason points are deducted here is because of the awkward color scheme. It actually sort of hurt my eyes towards the end of the log.

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Text Search . Case Number Language ... Public Redacted Version of Corrected Version of Arrest Warrant for Jakup Krasniqi. KSC-BC-2020-06. Filing Annex. F00027.

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SCP-1425 is a hardcover book, measuring 20 cm x 35 cm x 5 cm and published in 2005 by the company [REDACTED] Books (now defunct—see Operation Stargazer files). The front cover bears the title "Star Signals". The back cover has the following description: Did you know that some stars in the sky are dead, but we still see their ancient image? SCP-733-01 is a pair of ornate silver scissors, apparently crafted circa 18 . When used to [REDACTED BY ORDER OF O5 COMMAND] When discovered, SCP-733-01 was pressed between the pages of SCP-733-02, a hand-crafted, leather-bound book containing approximately 80 pages.

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A thorough understanding of the _____ is essential to mission command.
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